“Mindprint” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Mindprint

  1. Griselda

    Professor Tullio I like how you transitioned from light to dark with stippling, which is different from the way we transition in class.

  2. True, Griselda. I use pen and ink techniques in my drawing. I use the same kind of strokes in paint and digital works, as well. We will get to that later in the semester. But you’re exactly correct that stippling is a technique for creating light/dark transitions.

  3. Rosanne Washington

    My first reaction to this piece was thinking this piece would make a great T-shirt. I am attracted to the strong black background this piece has in contrast with the white patterned dots. There is visual energy that draws my attention. The pattern, texture, style, color and contrast that I look for when deciding to pick a garment or fabric this “ Mindprint “has.

  4. Jennifer

    When I looked at this it made me think of what the sun would look like as black and white instead of the bright blinding colors that it is. I like how it is all solid in the middle and fades outwards as it flows away just like the rays of sun do.

  5. Karrah

    Your style of art is quiet amazing actually. How detailed you get with these drawings just blows my mind. I find some of your work to at first look simple, but the reality is they are much more than that. Minor adjustments you make, whether it be the change of tone or pattern shifts, completely change the vibe of your work. These pieces are definitely what comes to my mind when the word “abstract” comes into play. Some of your artwork can be comparable to space. It pulls me into a gravitational world where there are spirals, clusters, and sparse markings that immediately remind me of galactic pictures. Particularly, the Milky Way, where millions of stars protrude against a dark background to create something so vast and beautiful. I can say your work is very unique, it’s always refreshing to see something not so mainstream. This type of artwork definitely stands out. Thank you for sharing!!

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