Entangled Me





“Entangled Me” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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7 responses to “Entangled Me

  1. The arrangement of the stippled dots make the picture look as though two cells are being created from one, or that two are becoming one. When the two cells become one it reminds me of two lovers entangling each other in their arms; holding each other. By the way the two “cells,” or “lovers,” are connecting there is no clear division between which one starts and which one ends, showing that the two are inseparable and cannot be torn apart from each other by any means. This makes me think, this is the kind of love everyone wants, a love that can’t be destroyed by obstacles that we are faced with every day. No, this love is enduring and forever.

  2. Tracey Davis

    It reminds me of conception of life! How shades of gray around it and a darkened nice inside how is dark is the inner circle.

  3. Kristen B.

    I agree with the comments above. I like how you can’t tell which way the circles are going. The viewer does not know whether the cells are coming together, becoming entangled with one another to echo the title, or coming apart. The idea of coming apart looks like cell division (to echo the other posters’ comments) which could also follow the idea of entanglement, creating more cells and more matter to become tangled within.

  4. Elizabeth Steffens

    Again, this one seems to remind me of a cell. During cell division, one cell with divide and become two. This makes me think of one life giving rise to another. Without one, the other cannot be formed. I also like how the different intensity of texture is used to create shading. The movement and tones of the dots create a never ending cycle. It seems to always be in motion.

  5. Martha Guzman

    This picture reminded me of telophase in cell division. The different shadings make it look like as if the picture will continue to divide and multiply itself and continue to make many more. This is a very nice and interesting pice of art.

  6. Ncruz

    This has very cool illusion. The arrangement of the dots makes the eyes move all over the image and seeing it makes you quickly associate it with something familiar to the mind like 2 cells coming together or apart.

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