“Me3” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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7 responses to “Me3

  1. The use of the number three is fairly common in many cultures. Everything occurs in threes, or there is usually three of something. To me, this makes me think of three different people, not totally different people, but three of the same people; much like a person with multiple personality disorder. The three selves are uniting into one person, whether one self is sporty, sociable, and the other, artistic. They are coming together to form one unique person; the unique person that all of us are.

  2. Eileen Escalante

    The image conveys three different sections. The focal point of the drawing is blurry white the outer edges are most focus and clear. You can relate the drawing to the text because it allows you not to focus on one thing but rather the whole image. The center can also be represented as yourself and the right, left side as other people so you’re not going to focus on yourself but focus on whats around us.

  3. jennifer rivera

    Circles are eternal. Therefore, when I look at them formed this way, I think of family. they say everything happens in three’s. In this art piece, I believe this is the focus of a family of three. Mother, father, and child.

  4. Zachary Sites

    When I look at this I Focus on all the little dots that make up the image. The central point of the image is where the three shapes meet. I also see a shape within the central point. Many works of art are made up of many different lines ,shapes , colors, contrasts. ITs all these things that make the image and give it meaning. Everybody has a different interpretation of the image they are looking at. That’s what makes these types of images great. Cause what I see in the central point some people might not see, as I might not see something they seen.

  5. Casey Benedict

    This photo reminds me of the sketching I use to do at my grandma’s house with the circle stencils you put on paper and use your pencil to make crazy circle designs with the stencils. There is only one thing that is different about when I used the stencils and it is the dots. you used dots instead. The dots make the photo pop but it’s enjoyable to look at and peaceful. I could look at it all day because it’s so relaxing.

  6. Christine

    I am immediately pulled into this piece as for me it symbolizes something very meaningful: the Trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All separate beings yet One. The three circles twist into each other, the dots mingle, the mind swirls as it watches. If I stare into the center, the whole piece pulses towards the edges, energy trying to burst off the page. They are together, yet separate. Each their own, yet all one form. I cannot fathom the Trinity, how it works, but for me it is real, as real as your drawing. What a beautiful thing is a piece of artwork that can be left for the viewer’s interpretation. That the artist had something else in mind when he drew this, but for me I see the Trinity. Art is personal, to the one who made it, and the one who views it and is moved.

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