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Brain-computer interface technology is an inevitable aspect of human evolution. Our MindReflector pages on social media are resources for staying current with new-edge research on consciousness and mind/brain news. We update our Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter pages with current info:

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One response to “MindReflector® – Brain – Consciousness – Research – Technology – News

  1. jennifer

    This mind reflector reminds me of a book I once read. It was written by Phillip J. Corso. He worked in the pentagon under Harry Truman and was in charge of reverse technology for the unidentified evidence that was found in 1947 after the crash of an UFO at area 51. One of the objects found was described as a head piece (such as this mind reflector) worn by these little creatures, in which, Mr. Corso figured this tool was used for Alien communication. After that read, and seeing something such as this mind reflector makes me believe our government was successful at learning how to use that object.

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