Me in You



“Me in You” – Tullio  – 2013
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4 responses to “Me in You

  1. Griselda

    I really like this one. When I look at this I imagine a pregnancy. The color is as pure and innocent as a baby. With the white and black stippling inside helps me feel the energy inside of a “pregnant woman” seeing the movement of a baby. Nice job, Professor Tullio, very creative.

  2. Amanda Zuchowski

    I agree with Griselda. When I came across this piece one thing that came to mind immediately was a pregnancy. “Me in You” gives off a certain energy of new life being created. The shade of pink is calming. The circular center with the rays coming out also remind me of a sun which is an energy star. The combination of the energy figure along with the calming background produces a unique piece of work.

  3. lamont pettus

    Me in You’

    I pictured this as the inside of the womb. the white represent the sperm cells of the male circulating throughout the females stomach .The black represents to me the genes and the females eggs that are coming together to make the beautiful child growing inside of her stomach, The pink represents the women’s virgin.

  4. Immediately after looking at this piece of art work, I also, like the previous comments, thought of pregnancy. However, for me it appears to be more aimed toward the initial fertilization of the egg. The reasons that I see this is because of the way that the outside of the circle is portrayed. The outer layer is first more dense and then is followed by “squiggly” lines, which may portray the many counterparts attempts. Another reason that I believe this art piece portrays pregnancy is because of the shade of pink used. Pink is commonly seen involving pregnancy, especially in hospitals. Even the nurses normally wear pink scrubs and such. I think this piece is powerful and will speak out to many people, especially women of all ages.

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