“SpaceMind” – Tullio  – 2013
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12 responses to “SpaceMind

  1. jennifer rivera

    “Space mind” … puts me in the mind of how the Alaskan northern lights would look from space. The color tones illuminating in space creating a big ball of bursting lights that streams in the darkness.

  2. Griselda

    This artwork makes me think about the global warming on Earth because of the different tone colors in the round shape in the center of space.

  3. Rebecca Hill

    The title itself tells me that this piece is about space. This reminds me of a star or some sort of cosmic energy. It gives off a cool feeling because of the colors surrounding the sphere. I can see some red in there, but it’s mostly blues and purples and some green in there, too. I also like how the outside dots are dark and the inside dots are light. It gives the sphere a lighter contrast from the background.

  4. Derrek

    You seem to have a space theme running for the month of October, and I really like it. This one is no exception, as the colors just give this piece the feeling of space. The lighter circle gives me the impression it is a sun set into the background of space. The purple colors are really something else in these pieces as they just seem to unlock my memory and imagination into the night sky. I really have this hidden obsession with space and about what is out there and how everything seems to just work all around our earth.

  5. Heidi Cade

    This artwork is about space, It looks like a star bursting into the galaxy. All the colors are beautiful mixed with each other. It also kind of looks like what earth would look like from space.

  6. In this drawing I believe the dark space is what represents the space, and the different colors is everything in that is in it. We often believe the space is an empty place because we haven’t been there but if we were to think about all the parts/ components starts, planets, meteorites etc… we will be able to see the that space is not empty.

  7. lamont pettus

    Space mind

    I feel like i am looking through a telescope into the sky. The red represents two planets, that are on two different sides of the spectrum. The white represents the stars, To me it could possibly be a planet that exploded into millions of pieces, and it is now being a meteor shower in the sky that is throwing the pieces the throughout the atmosphere.

  8. Tanicia Pabon

    This image right away attracted my attention as I was scrolling down the page. All the different colors in this image are interesting to me, it really does give me this feeling like I am in space. This makes me think of all the different planets combined in one image. All the different colors are representing what each planet is supposed to look like.

  9. Elizabeth Steffens

    I feel like I’m looking through a microscope at a cell. The outer membrane with its movement, and the blue circular center as the nucleus. The dots on the outside move in and out of the “cell”. The colors seem to create an energy. I like how the dots change from black to white once they are inside the circle. It gives a feeling of lightness to the circle.

  10. manuel perez

    When I first looked at “SpaceMind,” it made me feel almost uneasy. But as I kept staring I then felt calm. The outer corners are what gave me a sense of relaxation. While the center is so bold and eye catching like its coming out of the page. The name “spacemind” gives you a sense of what you’re looking at. I see a dark yet colorful surrounding as if it is the vast stretch of darkness in space. The center looks like a light as if it were a star made of tons of small stars that are bursting out. And casting a shadow underneath it but also lighting its surroundings. Overall I like really like this one.

  11. In this piece, when thinking of how the brain works and how the mind has so many complexities, I immediately thought of what the hidden meaning may be. I believe that the piece tells me that within all the congestion and thought that cloud the mind, there is rage represented by red, sadness represented by blue, peace represented by purple, and emptiness represented by black. It feels like the reason the amount of congestion goes down outside the brain is due to that being where it all calms down. Sometimes, you have to “escape the mind” leaving all your thoughts behind in order to find the peace you need t relax and carry on. That is how this piece came across to me.

  12. Casey Benedict

    I defiantly feel like I am in space when I am looking at this photo. All the dark colors and the white dots make me feel like I am looking at the stars in the sky but they are very close together. the photo also pops because the white dots make a circle on the drawing. It makes my eyes pop. I really enjoy looking at this photo.

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