Persistence of Vision


“Persistence of Vision” – Tullio  – 2013
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15 responses to “Persistence of Vision

  1. kelly t

    …is one of my favorite pieces of yours. Blue, green, teal, yellow, pink, and purple are my favorite colors and they are so beautifully intertwined into a masterpiece. The colors resemble peacock feathers and also reminds me of spring. Another really awesome thing about this picture is when I stared at it for about 20 seconds, all the colors faded to a black and white. Pretty sweet!

  2. Marisa Horonzy

    “Persistence of Vision” was the one piece that stood out most to me. This piece definitely caught my eye first and I love all the variations of colors and tones. This piece makes me feel as though I am floating through it and looking at the different lines and drawings one by one, searching for what each line creates or symbolizes.
    I love the cool colors of blue, purple, green, and I think I even see a hint of yellow and pink. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and the strange thing is if it was different colors like warm colors or vibrant I think this piece would have made me feel lively and energized but the color selection really has me feeling calm. I absolutely love the black, bold outline; it just makes the piece pop more. I keep looking for where the lines lead and how it creates different patterns. I feel like I am looking at some sort of clouds with different shapes.
    This piece is definitely soothing and calming and I love the purple/blue mix. It really creates colors that I forgot I actually loved. Even the green with blue and the hint of yellow makes me feel at ease. The dashed or dotted lines kind of create a mystery to the piece. I can not tell why just lines were used, why were dotted lines combined with the other variation of lines. It is really cool and neat and the different shapes are amazing.

  3. Derrek

    This one caught my eye solely because of the colors in it. I really like the colors as they flow across the page and how you made it lighter into darker. What it really reminded me of was a summer night sky, and how the sun sometimes makes the sky glow different colors as it is setting. The darker purples really reminded me of the night sky, and I just imagined myself sitting out behind my house and just staring up into the nights sky.

  4. Amanda Zuchowski

    This piece of art really caught my attention the moment I saw it. I love the jewel tone effects. It reminds me of stained glass that I would see in a church or a kaleidoscope in which the person who has control of it stopped at just the right blend. The title even confirms that thought. The viewer has reached a point where beauty has succeeded.
    The jewel tones in “Persistence of Vision” also remind me of something very royal. The colors remind me of sapphires, emeralds, rubies, garnets, and aquamarine. A king or queen may use these colors in their crown of jewels or in their majestic garments. The rich colors of this artwork remind me of something luxurious and well to do.

  5. Heidi Cade

    This piece caught my eye right away. All the colors intertwined with each other makes this artwork beautiful. I love all the colors in it, teal, purple, yellow, green, blue, pink, it really brings this artwork to life. This piece kind of looks like a 3-D photo, where if you look closely at it and then slowly move it backwards there should be an object. It’s unique but it caught my attention.

  6. lamont pettus

    “Persistence of Vision” Reminds me of back in the day 70’s velvet portraits, the variations of lines and squiggle pattern supplies the image with more line detail. The color scheme used is also one they used on a lot of velvet portraits. Mainly the yellows and blues, once gazing into this portrait is take you on sort of a roller coaster trying to figure where the next line begins and ends.

  7. Isaac

    3. Now this piece is simply amazing to look at. My eyes just keep moving. There is so much to see in this artwork. The color combination is great. It’s like looking at an illusion. Everything is moving and my eyes along with it. The more I look at it, the more it looks like it is moving. Maybe, sometime in the future, I’ll be about to draw these too.

  8. Elizabeth Steffens

    This one definitely stood out the most for me. The brightness in colors against a black background really made the lines and dots stand out. I also like how different shades of color, instead of just different tones of grey, are used to create shading and depth. Every time I look at it, I see something different.

  9. Lindsey Snyder

    This piece really caught my eye, mostly because of all of the different bright colors. The colors remind me of peacock feathers. It also reminds me of the morning and night sky because in the morning the sun can make the sky have an array of different colors. The darker purple with the black reminds me of the night sky.

  10. erica

    Wow I feel like i can really see things moving around it is cool the way you can just make something seem so lifelike.

  11. Abby

    i absolutey love all the colors that are in this piece. my favorite color in this piece is the green. i am an huge fan of lime green because it is on of my favorite colors. in this piece, i really enjoyed the way all the colors come together in this masterpiece it really goes to show anything is possible when it comes to artwork.

  12. Courtney Prentice

    This is probably the most beautiful piece I’ve seen. I just want to keep looking at it. The colors are so calming. It reminds me of a body of water with all the movement and the variations of blues and purples.

  13. Casey Benedict

    This photo really catches my eye. I love it because of all of the colors that you used are some of my favorite colors especially purple. I can also see that it fades from lighter colors into the darker colors. I also enjoy all of the designs that are in the photo. It is a really enjoying piece.

  14. Jennifer

    I absolutely love this piece. The way the colors are blended in together with the designs is enchanting. I could sit looking at this for quite a while. The way the tones of blue, purple, green, pink and black are blended in together remind me of peacock feathers on full display.

  15. The “persistence of image” piece really stood out to me. The bright colors and trippy design were pleasing to the eye, and it is unique. I like how the base of this color is black and then the main colors on top are bright pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple. The background really makes it stand out.

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