Orbit of You



“Orbit of You” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)



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12 responses to “Orbit of You

  1. Griselda

    Besides teaching us how to draw a picture 3D and making it as real as it is with shading, I see how colors and texture can also help the image seem alive. With the colors you used on here makes the image seem as if it were moving, or “orbiting” in my eyes, zooming in and out.

  2. Rebecca Hill

    This is like an optical illusion to me. The colors contrast with the shining gray texture, giving off that 3D affect to the piece.

  3. Mariela Alvarado

    This reminds me of an eye coming out of its socket. I like the blend of colors with the yellow, blue, and pink. The colors make certain parts of the drawing stand out. The middle with the dark colors makes it look like i’m seeing deep within someone’s eye.

  4. The eye of a hurricane. I see the center your energy, in all its various rhythms, encircles, envelopes and enfolds. A dance until the end of time, isn’t it?

  5. Derrek

    This is very interesting, I am actually not quite sure how you really pulled this off but it is very neat. Somehow you have made this illusion of a hole in the center of this piece using only dots and shading techniques. The combination of both gives this a virtual space and makes it look 3D. I feel the title is well given as well, as there appears to be an orbit on the outside of the hole, and one of the fascinations of space is how orbits interact with the surrounding space. One of the discoveries was that as planets orbit in space it actually causes the immediate area to surround the planet and makes the space conform to the planet itself, which I also see in this. Very interesting piece indeed.

  6. Amanda Zuchowski

    In “Orbit of You” there is a semi strong center which fades as it spreads toward the outer edges of this piece of art. The muted colors produce an etherial effect. When I concentrate on this piece, the center reminds me of a person with all their worldly thoughts and feelings surrounding them. The white orbit around the edge symbolizes the family and friends that embrace this person in their lifetime.

  7. Kristen B.

    I like the mixture of gray with the iridescent colors mixed in. The way the colored specks seem to disintegrate into the center where there is a higher concentration of gray seems like you are following the colors down a rabbit hole in a way, and the white oval creates the effect of an orbit around you.

  8. Elizabeth Steffens

    The longer I look at this, the more it seems to move. The bright colors pop against the darker grey tones. I like how you used color and texture to create movement.

  9. erica

    Very interesting it makes me feel like im falling into a deephole i really like this drawing.

  10. Courtney Prentice

    I love this piece. The colors in it are beautiful, and create the illusion of depth against the grey background.

  11. Casey Benedict

    This is like an illusion. The white circle makes the photo look like you are looking down this colorful hole and it just never stops moving. It really does mess with your eyes but I like it a lot! I enjoys these types of drawings.

  12. Ncruz

    This one by far has the coolest illusion I’ve seen here. When you look at the center it looks like your falling in! The colorful dots give it lots of energy and beauty. The white circle kind of make your eyes put a frame on what you’re seeing. It looks like its constantly spinning and it will never stop.

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