“Qualia” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Qualia

  1. Elizabeth Steffens

    This one is interesting to me. I like how two merge into one. The two triangles become a whole. Black and white come together to create grey.

  2. This piece came across with many different possible meanings and messages. At first I thought about the Bermuda triangle, which is a mystery that plagues my mind on an all but daily basis. I felt like maybe that mixed area in between was the area of chaos. Then, I started thinking about the power of three and how in life, the power of three plays a significant meaning and role, even in multiples. The last thought that came to mind was the concepts of yin and yang. Maybe this piece has something to do with both in combination? Maybe this piece is too powerful for my mind to grasp the concept of? It is really hard to say what the exact meaning and concept of this piece is, but I feel as if it has a deep thought process involved in the creation of this piece of art work.

  3. Michael Reed

    I like this picture. This first thing that came to my mind was race. It makes me think of how race relations between whites and blacks over the last five or six decades has drastically changed. What makes me think this is how the triangles are black and white and going opposite directions, displaying two different races. Where the triangles intersect is how, for the most part, they have each come together.

  4. Cierra

    Although this piece is 2 dimensional, I immediately envisioned a tetrahedron. The two triangles entwined with each other reminded of the duality of polyhedrons. What makes this shape distinctive is that it is a dual of itself. Besides that tidbit, triangles are a unique structure themselves, proving to be the strongest geometric shape. Black and white are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, but the inversion of the triangles symbolize unity in my eyes. A strong union creating something bigger together than if were created individually.

  5. Ncruz

    I love the geometric patterns in this image. It’s very balanced and the gray background makes the triangle colors pop. My favorite part is where the two triangles meet making a diamond.

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