Sky and Mind



“Sky and Mind” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Sky and Mind

  1. Rachel Sandritter

    Baby blue is my favorite color. Through my eyes the way the dots are aligned forms a flower. This is a very pleasing piece to observe.


    This reminds me of the many things people take for granted. Sometimes I really enjoy just stopping and looking up at the sky. It my own form of meditation. It helps me relax giving me the opportunity to really appreciate ever last molecule in my body. When I lay and just stare at the sky, I think of the blue color it reflects and my mind drift off. Thinking of the unknown past the blue sky and down below past the ocean blue. Just having a moment of peace and clarity is one of the most rewarding feelings mother nature has to give. Taking it as a friendly reminder to always stay in tuned with all the nature things that surround each and every one of use.

  3. Zaenita Castro

    The image to me makes me enjoy my day. Brings a relief of piece and tranquility. Not only does it refresh but cleanses because of the way it looks like a pool of water. Sometimes it is best to take each day calmly and enjoy what nature has given to us. The painting reminds me of a relaxed day out with my children and taking in a beautiful day; letting nothing disturb me in this blue pool of mind.

  4. Bo Comer

    A sense of relaxation comes over me when looking at this. It’s vibrant yet subtle and looking at it long enough, you can get lost in it.

  5. Rachel white

    My first thought was “wow”, again, love the choice of colors. Gazing at the center of this piece makes it seem like its moving. Then I thought of when you close your eyes real tight and open them and see spots everywhere.

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