What happens when we die





“What happens when we die” – Tullio  – 2014
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3 responses to “What happens when we die

  1. Ruby Jean Donovan

    I never thought I would see this type of art in real life. I mean is this really what we see when we die? I have had these vivid dreams for years. I probably not the only one to have them. When I look at this piece it gives me goose bumps. The contrast of white on black, the faces, the shapes of human bodies and etc.. It make me curious, is this really reality? Well this is what I saw when I sleep. It is a sleep that is very deep and darkish. One that I can just barely escape. In this piece I see the face of my extended family and friends who are departed. I am so scared when I have that dream. I do not know what will happen to me the next dream. Though I say it is a dream, I am not so sure if it is really happen when we die? It feel so real. When this deep sleep happens and I see the shape and faces, I pray to God please to wake me up. I try to open my eyes, but they will not open. I tried to yell out to my husband, but I could not make a sound. He could not hear me, but I screamed and screamed till my lungs were empty but nothing came out. I always am afraid that I will never wake up, but die right then and there. I always seem to find the strength to fight on till I find a way to wake myself up.

  2. Barbara Bonilla

    When all lights in our lives shut down we are going to be in another dimension, to me is like another parallel world I don’t see it as something scary, on the contrary I see death as another stage of life where we are going to stay in peace. The piece represents a dark side but as I said it seems to be lights off, a place where to remember great moments in life and take a rest.

  3. Kendra Gomez

    When I look at this portrait and its title, it lets me know that there may be more to come after death. It may not be something full of brightness and happiness, but there is something there. When we take our last breath and close our eyes, we will see darkness and our souls will go into another dimension. This may be what we see just right before we go off into that dimension. Looking at this image reminds me of the times when I doze off to sleep and just wander off into my dreams. I close my eyes and my mind is ready to take me somewhere and dream of many things. I never know what is to come when I am ready to doze off, but sleeping is almost like dying except we will wake up again. It is said that when a person dies, the last sense that they lose is hearing. To me, this means that even though I cannot see, I will still be able to hear what’s around me, but I will see nothing but something dark. Looking at this image shows me what I might be seeing as I hear the last noise. It’s a scary thought knowing that we do not know what happens when we pass away. That is one thing we all want to know but will not find out until our day comes. We can make assumptions and theories, but one may not ever truly know what is to come for sure.

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