Neo Geo



“Neo Geo” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Neo Geo

  1. Christa Buckley

    Your style is intriguing. When you create your ‘dot’ patterns, do you have a specific design in mind for them before you begin, or do you sort of feel it as you go? I love how you imply further solidification of the design around the side borders of the piece, as if to say there is more life; more worlds; than is immediately apparent within our own realm of awareness. (Perhaps it is deliberately veiled, or perhaps we are not really exploring our boundaries.)

    It reminds me, too, of something I was just saying to my boyfriend about the feeling of discovering that the world is not flat, but round, and wanting to share it with everyone who isn’t yet aware.

  2. Hi Christa. Both methods work for me. Sometimes, I have a plan. Sometimes not. Cool that you noticed the border and variation in the pattern. I was thinking of the relationship between borders and the content they hold. Here, there is a finite quantity of energy distributed between forms and edges. Good thoughts. Thanks.

  3. Abigail Chen

    What speaks to me about this piece is the implication of it. When I gaze at the world depicted in this manner, it reminds me of a word I learned; ‘sonder.’ The definition for this word is, basically, that everyone has a story. When I look at the dots on this artwork, it’s like the word has come to life. It’s almost as if it represents all the different souls on the continents with their own unique journeys. It’s not just humans either, to me it represents every living thing on the planet. We all impact each other and this picture exemplifies that for me. The black-and-white coloring shows the simplicity of it all. It also symbolizes to me that no matter what colors or scenery are around us, everyone’s actions impact each other no matter where we are

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