Future Now





“Future Now” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Future Now

  1. I like this piece of art. This reminds me of the pattern roll I used to see outside the barber shop. A revolving candy stripe. In my opinion it relates to the future being now like the piece of art. That revolving door has 360 degrees of future possibilities. The routine of the whole past, present, and future flow is so hypnotizing, that a person can get lost and confused about the ascending order. The cycle is so defined and cyclonic that before you realize it you’re caught up in the now. Some like the monotonous end and others exist just to do the opposite…


    i find this piece of art very hypnotizing. I feel like when you stare at it long enough you will almost feel tunnel vision.Ive seen psychologist use similar images to evaluate clients into a hypothesis state of mind.

  3. Aoran221

    This piece was interesting because it reminded me of a show I watched. That similar spiral symbol represented the sign of a certain clan. This clan merged with a village and the symbol became a sign of hope for everyone in that village. This piece of art made me think that the hope in the show can be represented as the hope for the future. That’s why I liked this piece.

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