Parallel Lives




“Parallel Lives” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Parallel Lives

  1. I like the title reference to this one. Since you shared with me how you grade certain art. I now see what you look for in the artwork. The symmetry between the 10 points you gave me involving value, line, shading, etc. I do see the parallelism but I notice the connection of each part of the piece that makes it important from any way you view the art. each view is different but the same. Parallel as it is with our way of life. Same stuff, different day.

  2. Rachel Rauen

    The parallel objects look like ropes. It could also look like a window, with the parallel objects being blinds or wooden strips. Just like your other pieces, it is amazing how you can make an object look so real just by using dots.

  3. Abigail

    With this piece of art, I noticed how every piece is always connected to another. It reminds me of time lines. When you make a decision, there is always a different path you can take. This piece of art shows the parallels of each decision we can make and how they are all connected together in a line that always twists and turns.

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