Fractal Tree



“Fractal Tree” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Fractal Tree

  1. Briana Welker

    This piece really stuck out to me as I was scrolling down on your website, because I find it very interesting how you use the spacing between the dots to create an image. I also really enjoy the different shapes you create with the dots, whether they are round, or have sharp edges. This type of art is cool because it is all about where the dots are placed, like the composition that we are learning in class. Using dots to depict an image takes a lot of creativity in my opinion, because you aren’t using any lines. This takes a lot of thinking too, because you have to figure out how far away the dots need to be from each other to make the tree in this case evident.

  2. Celia Torres

    This piece caught my eye because I like how, through all the stippling, there is an image at the center, seemingly trying to emerge. It reminds me of a tree of life.

  3. Amanda

    This picture caught my eye because it reminds me of the “Tree of Life”. I find this picture very beautiful and interesting to look at. I love how the branches are a branching out of the trunk. I love how a piece of art can come from a series of dots being placed on a piece of paper. Where the sizing, spacing, and the placement of the dots are all different.

  4. Rachel Rauen

    I love trees, so this piece really stood out to me. The use of the dots is amazing. While the piece is only in black and white, the contrast makes it not even matter that there is no color. I think I would prefer it to be in black and white rather than color.

  5. nicole

    when I seen this picture It made me think of winter, because it looks like there is snow falling down around the tree like the tree is stuck in a snowstorm. Then I look at the tree more and it looks like it could also be a tree in the woods surrounded by fog or mist. It is cool how the picture is just made up of little dots and lines.

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