Dawning of the Age of Intelligence





“Dawning of the Age of Intelligence” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)

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  1. Steve Fisher

    I am going to describe my interpretations of this picture. First, the title tells me it is based on today’s information obsession. The centerpiece, I believe is the Earth or what appears to be. It is darker in contrast because the “Earth” is filled much more densely with information “bits” and/or “strands” encompassing it. Much like today’s world, information travels worldwide by airwaves, satellites, hard lines, etc. The outer area of the picture surrounding the “Earth” is still strands of information that are in space, via satellites. To me these “bits” of information are waiting to be harnessed and channeled down to the “Earth” for whatever it needs to be used for. Also, the “dawning” portion of the drawing to me means Tullio wanted to portray dawn as the time of day which I can see because the picture comes across as early morning hours with the contrast of lights and shades used. If was to be evening hours portrayed, I believe he would’ve used a dark/black shading to signify that. This must have taken a great deal of time to complete with all of the detail and “information” that was put into this drawing.

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