Love Planet





“Love Planet” – Tullio  – 2014
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6 responses to “Love Planet

  1. Briana Welker

    I really love your use of color in this piece because it reminds me of those days I have where I an in a great mood, and just loving life. I just commented on one of your black and white pieces called “Fractal Tree”, and I loved how you didn’t use color to create the image, but your use of color in this one sets a feeling, or a tone if you will, that is happy. Actually this reminds me a lot of summer time too because of the bright colors, and the way in which the dots look like swirling waves behind the sun-like planet. Another thing I like about this is the background, and how you left it white. I haven’t really noticed before looking at these different pieces on your page, but the background color really makes a difference in the feeling, or mood it portrays. Overall this is brilliant!

  2. Barbara Bonilla

    I love this piece because it seems to be like the sun as the center of the universe and the colorful around it makes me think in happiness as a set of mind, everything in this world seems beautiful and full of joy. In my life God is the only one who fills my life of joy; this work makes me remember how powerful God is. How you organize dots, colors, and white spaces made the piece brighter and allowed me to think in a peaceful mood. Great work!

  3. This piece reminds me of the bright, sunny spring days that I love to wake up to in the morning. These mornings are the best, the birds are chirping just as you are waking up from the past night’s rest and there is a gentle breeze to fill the air of all the scents of the newly blossomed flowers of the season. These days are the days I love, and these are the days that make me love the planet and being alive. The colors shown in the piece also remind me of spring, especially Easter because of all the soft, pastel colors. The image of the sun also reminds me of spring because during Spring, the sun is not harsh, it is peaceful and soft.

  4. Amanda Z.

    I absolutely love the colors in this piece. This image brings summer to mind with these bright, bold colors and the sun. The colors that can reflect from the sun are endless. It makes me think of those beautiful summer sunsets that cast over the sky. Another effect I see are cloud like images that fill the inside of the sun.

  5. Courtney H.

    I really like this one. I think the colors are pretty and very calm. The spacing of the dots are closer together in the center of the sun so it’s harder to tell the greens from the blues and it’s much harder to tell the reds from the oranges. It is the focal point, and with it being in the dead center, our eyes go right to the center of the sun and also the sun rays. The rhythm of the dots are calm, peaceful. They take sharper turns in the center of the sun, but it’s still a relaxed rhythm.

  6. Carly G.

    This is a beautiful picture of the sun. I like this piece, because it stands out and is unique from your other pieces of work. I remember growing up one of my very favorite things to draw was the sun! Along with clouds, grass, and some flowers. Seeing this picture brought back a lot of memories to my younger childhood days.

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