Inner Space Is the Place




“Inner Space Is the Place” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Inner Space Is the Place

  1. Christopher Mozo

    I really enjoy this piece, it reminds me of some sort of closed eye visual. Almost like and acid trip, or something of that nature. I like the choice of color that you used as well. The mix of dark and light colors creates a nice contrast, and the patterns pop out. Again I like you use of stippling, it really allows the viewer to open up their imagination and see other things within the piece itself.

  2. Haven

    I like this piece because the rings remind me of the hula hoops from my childhood. The blue and red in the inner circle also look to me like Keith Harring’s style of drawing people for some reason. They almost seem like they are swimming to me. I love the colors because they remind me of Lite Brite pieces (If you remember what that is.) I also notice that the colors used are the colors of the additive color wheel: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and magenta. These colors are very dynamic and show great contrast against the black background. I love the use of stippling because it leaves the viewer open to their own interpretation of the piece. Along with the hula hoops, I also can see it as an eye, a ripple in the water, and I can see how the ring’s colors remind me of the stripes of a snake. One other thing this piece looks like as I stare at it is a planet and its rings of magnetic field surrounding it. The green and cyan in the background look like all the distant stars in the universe while the more colorful areas are more in the foreground and create on object, the planet and its rings or magnetic field. I love this piece for not only the colors but how much it leaves to the viewer’s interpretation and how even though it is stippling, it creates these 3 distinct shapes that almost seem to have defined edges.

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