String Theory





“String Theory” – Tullio  – 2014
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10 responses to “String Theory

  1. Christy

    This one just won’t let me go – string theory indeed Tullio! Love it.

  2. Natalie

    I see you continuously going back to circles on square canvases in certain works. They all carry a different pattern, but different works evoke different themes even if they look the same at a glance. Do you use certain techniques to get the circles to look so even? By now, is it just muscle memory?

  3. Christy, your appreciation is always appreciated! Stay inspired.
    Natalie, good question. I use “muscle memory for a lot of the geometry. Occasionally, at the beginning of a series or in the middle, I’ll pick up the compass and ruler, just to get back on track. Then I’ll go back to freehand edges. I like to keep it interesting, even for me…

  4. Hannah

    I am extremely drawn to this picture. I find it intriguing. I like to think of it as though the circles are helping to direct the strings to a center convergent point. I also like that the outer ring is purple as well. It is almost as if we are part of the strings being directed through this outside layer to the inner parts of the circle. I think it was very wise of you to use a black background. It helps with the feeling of the closed endpoint. It also helps with the illusion of movement. I really enjoy that you add more and more colors to the strings as they get closer and closer to the center of the painting. The tangle of strings in the middle is probably my favorite part of the whole picture. Nothing goes perfectly smooth, even in the string theory.

  5. Amanda Z.

    I love the textures in this image. The purple background almost looks like scales. It sets off the strings of color that lead to the center, making that the main focus. It looks like these lines are being drawn to a center target. It feels like they are giving off an electric energy. It is science meeting art and reminds me of one of the electric balls found in a science center where lightening shoots around the inside. It’s prettier because of the coloration.

  6. Warren Myers

    I enjoy all of your pieces, however, I especially like the ones that have radial balance. I have always been fascinated by spiraling star bursts, and the geometrical balance of snowflakes and flowers. This pattern seems to be found all throughout nature, from the smallest atoms to the greatest of the known galaxies. There is lots of movement in this piece. At first glance, the alternating rhythm purple and green colors of the concentric rings draw the eye inward. However, after looking a bit longer, one notices the undulating rhythm of the “strings” that appear to be radiating out. The contrast of yellow and red strings to the purple and blue strings seem to give the strings hot or electric quality, further enhancing the sense of motion. The way that the “strings close and loop back in on themselves gives them a connective, flowing, and repetitive feel.

  7. Amanda

    I really like this picture. I really like the use of colors in this piece. When looking at this piece i noticed that it created a lot of eye movement for me. I find it an interesting piece of art to look at.

  8. Sarah Weld

    The vibrant colors that you used in this painting really makes it stand out from all your other pieces. Much like all of your other works it is simple. However unlike your other works the colors make the patterns pop. I love the way the colors almost make it seem like the piece is almost vibrating. It has a powerful energy that translates nicely. It reminds me almost of the patterns that would repeat on old television sets when you switch from different inputs. In that way it is almost a blast from the past! I think this piece is one of my favorites.

  9. Rachel Rauen

    This piece reminds me of a band poster or a CD cover. I love the contrast of the green, purple and black. The blue really stands out too. This is definitely a fun piece to look at.

  10. Christopher Mozo

    I thoroughly enjoy this piece as well, I feel like its pretty dark. I love the patterns and how everything is focused on the middle. Again it’s like a closed eye visual of some sort. I like the color choice as well, the blue, green and purple against each other are trippy. I really enjoy work your Tullio keep it going, you’re very talented!

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