“Virtuality” – Tullio  – 2014
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7 responses to “Virtuality

  1. David Vera

    An interesting title that goes really well with this picture. The image itself contains shapes that looks somewhat like animals and mythical beasts. This picture can describe a digitized virtual world set placed in a fictional ancient time where a young warrior is set on a dangerous journey meeting strange people and fighting against dangerous monsters as if it were part of a script for a movie. I can also see an image that heavily resembles fire and an UFO. This picture has so many details that make it unique as a whole.

  2. Megan Stevenson

    this composition made up of dots draws my eyes all around it. some of the dots making up the composition look darker then others drawing my eyes to them first and then my eyes move onto the lighter dotted areas.
    I can see all different things when i look at this picture, at first i saw a few butterflies, and next i saw a dragon or bat wing. i am not sure if there are supposed to be any particular images in this picture, but i see different things.

  3. pyrix0

    Now this one is much more sporadic. I kind of picture the ocean with these dots. Pictures of waves, of the undersea bed and coral reefs. You can see the way the “water” flows, if you catch my meaning. But! It could also be interpreted as wind. The afternoon breeze, over hillsides and valleys, butterflies flitting in its wake.

  4. Christopher Mozo

    I really like this piece, I like how you use the stippling effect to open up the viewers imagination. I like how even though there are slightly set forms you can interpret what ever you would like. It almost resembles a beach scene to me, and I can see a few other figures in there as well.

  5. Redouane El Filali

    I really love this picture. When I think about it, drawing seems to be an innately abstract act: reducing matter and ideas to a series of lines and symbols for something that we may understand, or simply a trace of the movement a marking tool has taken, presumably at the end of a human hand.

  6. Abigail Rogers

    I think this is a really interesting piece, The different shapes that are made up draw the lookers eye to the piece. The composition is interesting with all of the different patterns going on throughout the piece of art. The style, like many of you other pieces are made up of dots which is really cool. I think that it is pretty amazing what you can do with just dots to form a picture and drawing. It is amazing that all it takes to catch the viewers attention is a couple of well placed dots to create something more complex than just that of a few randomly placed dots. I think it is really cool how you can put dots onto a page and depending on how you put them, make things appear different. There is still lights and darks even when you are just placing dots. I believe this is because of how close or far away you place each of the dots. When the dots are placed closer together they look appear darker to the eye but when you put them further away, leaving more space in between, they appear to be much lighter.

  7. A.Y.

    The dotted markings of the composition are meticulously placed. The result being a virtual world that different from person to person. I can see a dragon that looks like it is causing destruction on the land it flies over.

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