dressing you with my eyes


I’ve been watching you very closely
for more than a month.

You’re always up before me.
In fact, as far as I know,
you’re always up.

You’re there
when I awake
making yourself more lovely
right in front of me.

You do it so slowly.
I can’t stare away.

New tones of green
cover your limbs.
Your body disappears
like the landforms
behind a peacock’s tail.

Then suddenly you’re adorning yourself
with cherry, lilac, and forsythia.

I can hardly bear
these differences between us.
You are the most beautiful thing.

Even I can see that.


– by Tullio DeSantis


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10 responses to “dressing you with my eyes

  1. This poem is full of imagery. It makes me imagine a man waking up to see his beloved getting ready to start her day. As he watches her, he is overwhelmed by her beauty and everything that she is. The reader gets a sense of how much in love this man is with her. While reading the poem, I could even almost smell the scents that the woman was covering herself with. The poem made me feel happy and anxious at the same time. I imagined myself in the woman’s place. I imagined having a man so in love with me that he thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. But at the same time I felt anxious because having so much love means you have given so much of yourself to someone who has the power to hurt you.

  2. Shaniece Maldonado

    I absolutely love this poem. It shows how in love a man is and admires his woman with the little things that she does. In this case, it is while she is getting ready to begin her day. The way each group of stanzas relate to the next group makes me eager to know what else the man is about to say next. His description of imagery with the variety of colors and comparisons of nature can make the reader, as myself, understand where his vision is leading to. This is a perfect poem to dedicate to a beloved significant other that is appreciated by their loved one and adored.

  3. Yamile Zabala Peña


    This poem is so beautiful!! I love it!! I don’t really read poetry but after reading yours I feel like I have being missing a real work of art. Sometimes I feel like I’m so busy with the everyday routine that I miss some of the most beautiful things that surround me, and that are available to me. The only relaxing and peaceful place right now for me is your class; I feel like I can express myself through the drawings I do and the colors I choose to make them become a live. When I was reading your poem I feel like every word you use made the poem come to life in my head; I was picturing every word and I couldn’t stop imaging a beautiful plant which, is changing day by day before your eyes. Everyday becoming more and more beautiful; giving you the pleasure of seeing her bloom so, that you can admire the different shades of the flowers she is giving you. I imagine through your words that you really enjoyed sharing your home with this beauty which, has being able to captivate you to the point that you wish there were no differences between you and the object of your admiration. To me this poem showed me how in touch you are with your surroundings, and the rounded artist that I have as a teacher. I really love having you to help me see things with different eyes and, to appreciated the beauty on everything I see and most importantly to be able to interpret it through art.

  4. Warren Myers

    I really like this poem. I love the rich imagery and open form of the poem. The open form and the uneven stanzas lend a sense of uneasiness to a voice that seems almost pained at their lovers beauty. I especially like the simile of her body disappearing like “the landforms behind a peacock’s tail”. I could almost smell the cherry and lilac. The self-deprecating word choice of “Even I can see that”, conveys that the voice realizes that he might not be worthy, and that he or she is lucky to have them.

  5. Christopher Mozo

    This is a very heartfelt poem. I like how you use a lot of discription and metaphora. You definitely get a feeling lust from this as well. I also like the title of the poem instead of using “undressing” you used “dressing” which I believe make it seem like the person telling their feelings has a lot of respect for the person they are talking about.

  6. Harry

    This poem is absolutely fabulous! It really made me wonder what it would be like to be in love with a man that is just as in love with you. A person that would love to see you dress up in the morning and adore the way you adorn your body. The poem was so beautifully written that I pictured myself as the partner that was getting dressed as my partner’s eyes watched me in amazement. The imagery was so powerful that I can also picture myself being the partner who was watching their loved one getting dressed in the morning. I am a person that adores clothing and my partner needs to share the same love, and if we do then not only do would we love the body that is dressing up but also love the clothing that is covering the body. When you are in love nothing else matters, the little things always seem to over power everything else.
    One of the things that I really love about this poem is the appreciation of beauty. You can tell that this person is truly obsessed over his partner. They love what ever makes a person more beautiful, which besides their heart is clothing. This person seems to be in a honeymoon stage that I would love to be in for my whole life with my partner. It reminds us that there is more to love than just making sure your partner is taken care of, its always making sure that your partner feels good about themselves and their body.

  7. Rachael Marcheskie

    Dressing you with my eyes is great. I love how open you are with all forms of art. You are very understanding of yourself, your needs, and of others which is amazing. Art can make people selfish if you understand what I mean they claim it, own it, oh I did that ! People get really greedy and need the credit. The art you create and speak of is as unselfish as you can get,

  8. Jayson Taylor

    At first glance, the poem entitled, “Dressing You With My Eyes,” could understandably be perceived as a poem regarding a mans compassion and admiration for his significant other. However, upon further literary analysis, I feel that the poem is actually conveying an individuals infatuation with nature, more specifically, a blossoming tree. We are given details supporting this ideology beginning in the second stanza which states,”You’re always up before me. In fact, as far as I know you’re always up,” essentially revealing the human perspective that as far as we know, trees never sleep. The fourth stanza which states,”You do it so slowly. I can’t stare away,” reveals that this is an ongoing process taking place over time. The most revealing details are given to us in the subsequent stanzas which incorporate vivid imagery such as,” New tones of green cover your limbs. Your body disappears like the landforms behind a peacock’s tail,” and “Then suddenly you’re adorning yourself with cherry, lilac, and forsythia.” The aforementioned details ultimately convey to us, the reader, that like people, nature too is worth admiring.

  9. Yoly

    This is a very romantic poem. More than that is the combination of admiration and love for someone in every way or state. It’s the inspiration of unconditional love that one can feel for somebody without hoping anything. The only recompense is the gift of have this someone in our life and to have the opportunity of continue admiring this being in every detail at every moment

  10. A lovely reading of the poem, Yoly. It can be taken many ways. Thanks for your good thoughts.

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