Flying through the Dream




“Flying through the Dream” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Flying through the Dream

  1. CJ

    This piece reminds me of those large centerpiece decorated fountains you’d find in parks or immediately outside important buildings. Each dot is one of the shiny stones inlaid into the concrete to enhance the visage of the flowing water. I get a sensation of the lighter dots flowing as the water would, creating a neat effect that somewhat ties the piece together.

  2. Gunnar Schwan

    As I let my mind unravel into this work of art, I’m starting to see figures that appear to be holding hands. I really do applaud the patience that goes into these pieces. The colors are so bold, yet unified together. This particular one kind of reminds me of a Keith Haring piece.

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