Intelligence of Birds


Left breathless

From a mid-day encounter

With the blue bird

I step forward through pines


Tall birches remind me

To be straight and true

Depends on my trajectory


Up there in time and space

Where the winged ones roost

Resides our ancestral home

From the canopy of trees

We climbed downward

To nest in caves


Now after eons

Walking in the grey forest

I crane my neck to see them

In small patches of open sky

Singing of love

And the science of flight


“Intelligence of birds” – Tullio – 2014


Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Intelligence of Birds

  1. Alicia Bene

    as a little girl, i use to watch birds fly. i loved how the birds seem to know where to go. Birds are all different.I like how birds are all different colors and sizes.

  2. Ncruz

    Birds are amazing creatures. They know things based purely on instinct. Its mesmerizing to see them fly. They always know where their going. This poetry gives much insight to what their really thinking. Nice imagination.

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