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Minimal Me

I am learning my lessons well.
Reflected in ancient tidal pools
I see how shallow I am.

The numberless stars say
I do not count for much.
The September moon casts sharp pine shadows across my brow.
It is so far above me.

Dolphins smile, knowing they are superior beings.
Eyeing me, they dive deep,
Demonstrating I do not see beneath the surface of things.

Even the sand fleas make me twitch like a puppet.

Nature teaches.
To be free, I must be free of me.
To make sure I understand,
It plans to kill me.


Text by Tullio DeSantis


Translation into Chinese by Jan Walls of “Minimal Me”



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Mind Ascending Unified Field




“Mind Ascending Unified Field” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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