Mind Ascending Unified Field




“Mind Ascending Unified Field” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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One response to “Mind Ascending Unified Field

  1. Carolina Tineo

    This piece has a particular imbalance due to the colours. It is made primarily of warm shades (the background red and the yellow dots) with areas of cooler tones. Because of the yellow dots, being placed over both warm and cool background colours, it causes an imbalance. There is more warmth than coolness in the piece. On another note, it also is reminiscent of Aboriginal artwork which is characterized by shapes and lines which are symbols, and is done using a dotting technique, such as this one is done. Because of the black and white dots, and the way particularly the black dots are forming a type of outline, it looks as though they are trying to create symbols, which then creates a message unknown to the viewer.

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