Brain Changer


“Brain Changer” – Tullio – 2014
(Click image for larger view)


“Brain Changer” – Tullio – 2014 – UV light

(Click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Brain Changer

  1. L.engle

    When I look at “Brain Changer”, I think of how the different parts of the painting come together and merge in the middle. The outside parts of the painting have lines that weave and intersect and cross over each other. I don’t completely see how everything is connected until I examine the center of the painting. Life can be like that sometimes where one might look at different parts of his/her life and not be able to see the design until that person looks at the whole picture. Sometimes it takes looking at something in a different light to be able to notice more about it. I like how this painting was posted in normal and UV light so that the viewer can literally see it in a different light.

  2. Daniel Graham

    Are these paintings made with a florescent paint? Because the second painting seems to be under a black light. Also the unorganized lines show a nice connection that our brains are wired with such functioning chaos.

  3. Tara

    While looking at Brain Changer my mind was trying to grasp what I was seeing happening in the middle of the piece as well as what was coming in from the outside lines. The second part focuses more on the center where as in the first, the crossed lines focused out of the center. This piece is defiantly connecting with what we are seeing and what our minds are processing when we see it.

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