Nothing Dies – Part 2 – l

I die.

There is nothing. It spans endless eons – unbound throughout infinite dimensions, a deep and dreamless void. It is an oceanic stillness, a cold nowhere.

Within dead space, an infinitesimal shudder stirs. The merest ripple echoes throughout universes of nonexistence. Waves, particles, molecules, proteins warmed by ancient suns and conscious minds appear in remote atmospheres. A galaxy, a hundred billion stars, a trillion lives surge instantaneously in and out of existence.

A glint in an empty eye, wind-sound rushing past, I am spun wildly around. Momentary trails of events long passed move in liquid color through my senses. I am mesmerized by their echoes, caught up in them for the merest fraction of a saccade. I am lost in stray instants that splash up from the froth of time.

There is only this – and how it ends. The end is in the thing itself, held for the septillionth time…suspended, crystallized somewhere in the mind.

I open my eyes and close them again. In this moment, I am here. And in this moment I am gone.

“Now you know.”

The couch is cool to my touch. Through the vents, I hear the air conditioner shudder to a dead stop. My heart is beating hard. I want to speak, to call out but my jaw feels like it is welded shut.

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