The Empress of Love


“The Empress of Love” – Tullio DeSantis with Dee Shapiro – 2014

(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “The Empress of Love

  1. John

    A very interesting set of colors chosen to see the image’s mood referring to love itself. The colors shows a unique touch and for me seems to represent the emotions one encounters with love from happy, depressed, abandoned, and many other emotions simply from analyzing the image around. Symbolizing love has many traits and unique from another. The design in the middle reminds of the process of birth and that love would be needed to take place in order to expand the emotions and significant sense of love. The egg and the sperm, one inside another. This pictures me to think what love brings can do to bring two partners from what they face and the emotions, bringing the image that love can expand in my ways from emotions to child birth.

  2. Del

    “The empress of love” is a very suited title for this piece of artwork. I also agree that the colors set the mood of love. I like the background behind the main focus in the center, how there is a rainbow pattern surrounding the focus. I actually see a heart in the middle, not the symbol for a heart but an actual heart. I think it shows emotion and the delicacy of love.

  3. Ella Drumgold

    The Empress of love has a beautiful array of colors. especially the purple and reds in the middle and it does look like real heart or i can also see what the other person commented could look like a sperm and egg. Both representing life which also represents love.

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