Some Fall Poems

Some Fall Poems


once, sound was all above me
buzz of crickets, shrill cicadas
shook the trees

absent now
instead it’s the sharp crunch
of insect bodies
mixed with acorns
beneath my boots

old leaves too
one day they’re tree-bound and wind-rustled
and the next day they show up
down here

this transference
seems fraught with some meaning
it is beyond me
like the warmth that slips farther
away each day

I know it is gravity
that does it
but it seems
much heavier than that



four million years moving through this hidden place
deep in your blood knowing it by heart
it has always been yours but now I share your secrets
you are everywhere these barren days
sex-crazed leaving traces on hard ground
on trees
making mistakes

showing yourself is your fatal flaw
you’re giving yourself away and you don’t know that
you cannot help yourself
I understand this behavior in my own flawed heart
sensing me in your space
I sense you in mine
we will both die here

but you are more beautiful
and this is why
you will be the first to die



To the mantis on the wall
I’m a shadow cast by clouds
cool stillness
interrupting the warmth
of autumn’s fading sun

Lithe green conscious machine
400 million years of insect evolution
unfazed by my superior intellect

Caught in that moment
of self-doubt
and sensing the presence
of an ancient predator
I retreat and anticipate
the uncanny evolution of empathy


text by Tullio DeSantis


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2 responses to “Some Fall Poems

  1. Ashlee Scott

    I had read the poems under September poems: September, Whitetail, and Forecast. I felt more inclined to write about September, because I felt it painted a picture of the way I visualize, as well as many others visualize, fall to be. Additionally, I chose to comment on a poem, because I write poems myself and I love reading poems that other people wrote. As a poem is supposed to do, this poem allowed me to see what you were writing pass the image of just words and letters. Each word had linked with an image in my mind. It even appealed to some of my senses. I could see the transition of the scenery from a lush of trees with wind brushing through its leaves, to the breeze slowly transporting the leaves to the ground. I could hear the buzzing of the crickets in the distant and the crunching of the leaves. I was able to feel the roughness under my feet from the acorns and insects as I stepped on it. I could feel the change in the climate as the season changes to fall. Although it is apparent that I wasn’t the reason for this poem or wasn’t the author of this poem, I still was able to feel as though I was there. I felt that way, because this feeling of fall is something everyone experiences as the seasons change. I could relate to the sights, sounds, and feelings of this poem because I went through it, currently and previously. I was able to link the feelings of the weather changing with coldness leaving evidence of goose bumps on the skin, showing that it is currently present. I hear the various insects chirping in air. I could feel the rustle under my feet as I walk. I appreciate this poem, because allowed me to look deeply into my favorite season, fall.

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