The Tongue of the Universe


“The Tongue of the Universe” – Tullio DeSantis with Dee Shapiro – 2014
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10 responses to “The Tongue of the Universe

  1. A.Y.

    The first thing that caught my was the color purple in this one. I feel that it makes the piece vibrant. I believe why this picture was given its name is because the center of it, all of the gray, looks like a shape of a tongue. All the markings within the “tongue” represent the taste buds. In a way, the tongue of this picture is tasting the universe, that being all of the other colors.

  2. samona nimaga

    Hi , this picture certainly depicts exactly what you named it ” The Tongue of the Universe.” It is vibrant in color and it almost reminds me of a butterfly that has ruptured into this beautiful specimen. It looks like a place where happy people could live and taste the life of freedom.

  3. Nolan L.

    The colors really caught my attention in this piece. Looking at the piece knowing the name “Tongue of the Universe” I definitely see a tongue emerging from the screen. If I wouldn’t have the known the title I predict instead of a tongue I would have seen a flower bud. I really enjoy how the image jumps out at you because of the very powerful colors running out from the center image.

  4. Joshua Naylor

    I think that the name you gave this peace is very fitting. While i can definitely see a tongue form the different dots, however I can also see what looks to me life the bud of a leaf. Although it may be upside down that is what I first saw, without looking at the name, it looks life a leaf bud that is dripping from the morning dew. That’s just what i first saw, your form of art seems to be very similar to what i do on my own, it is up to interpretation. Whenever someone asks me what it is that I drew, I ask them what it looks like to them.

  5. Aoran221

    This piece is really unique. I can see how the colors compliment each other and how the outside colors can show the universe. Its vast and mysterious, thats the vibe I get while looking at the picture. Even without looking at the center, its dynamic. The center looks as if it is reaching through that dynamic color. What I really like about it is that here is a separate color encompasing the “tongue” as if it is radiating some kind of enery. This is what I meant when I said it was mysterious.

  6. Fred T.

    The tongue of the universe- a very abstract piece of art, indeed very trippy as well. this piece is remarkable i would love to own a piece like this. all the colors just fit in, and the patterns on the tongue or leaf are just impressive. Really neat Mr Desantis.

  7. Bobby

    The Tongue of the Universe really grabs my attention and I believe it has to do with the colors. The funny thing about that however is that i am partially colorblind and really bad at telling colors apart. With that aside though the colors are very pleasing to my eye. I do not know what all the colors are in this image, but for some reason I really like them. I can see why it is called the tongue of the universe, however when I looked at this image for the first time, I saw a leaf floating down a river. I guess this just proves how everyone views images differently

  8. Del

    I like this piece a lot, I think the colors are very vibrant, and all the dots make a very interesting pattern. I do see a tongue so I think the title “Tounge of the universe” fits the piece very well. I like the pattern that surrounds the tongue I think it draws your eyes to the center of the piece where the “tongue” in located. I really like this piece a lot, I would reccomend.

  9. Kyleigh Mengel

    The first thing that comes to mind when I looked at this picture is outer space. The vibrant colors in this piece take my mind to the mysteries of the galaxy. The universe is well portrayed in this piece for me, but not the tongue. To me, I see more of a lady bug shaped figure; rather than seeing a tongue.

  10. Melissa A.

    All of the pieces on your website has a lot of emotion within them but this distinctive piece from your work done in September of 2014 immediately caught my eye. At first glance what really caught my attention was all of the neon colors and lights scattered all over the piece. The outlining of the ‘tongue’ gives me a feeling of the night sky. The dark starry galaxy. The atmosphere, the universe. And the ‘tongue’ shaped figure has many little specs covering the entire form. I feel as if those specs are supposed to be a symbol representing the taste buds that cover the entirety of our tongue. Therefore the piece ‘The Tongue of the Universe’ gives me the feeling of stepping back a minute and just observe and take in the atmosphere. We get so busy with our hectic lives that we forget the simplicity and beauty that is just over our heads in the night sky. The name “The Tongue of the Universe” fits this art perfectly. This piece gives the viewers emotion and a sense of getting a ‘taste’ of the universe and the world around us.

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