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Art of Collaboration

Under the same sun

Beneath oceanic atmosphere

Her breath leaves her lungs

A few seconds pass before it enters his


He says, “The world is…”

“…broken” – she completes it

It is her breath after all

Her mind at work here in her space


He tells her science verifies

The cave painters were mostly women

They compare the length of their fingers


We know we are ruined

It’s an argument we don’t have to have

He says the problem is men

Too much testosterone

We’re destroying ourselves


Addicted to thought

Controlled by belief

Money moves us


This wears us down

Wrecks our thinking

We lose the capacity for empathy

And we are repulsed by our bodies


What are we doing?

What is the message?

“Artists are shamans,” she says.


On the wall – how it is to be human

Living and dying speeding through time

From the cave to the street

How it is to have bodies created by sex

Deep generative parts

Powered by atavistic emotions

We are creations of desire

Needing rescue


We say these things to each other

To make them real


“Artists are shamans.”

“This is why I contacted you.”

“I know.”


– text by Tullio DeSantis

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