Fault for the Fall


You’re just being cruel
We did all we could
To pretty things up

Trying our best to clean up after you
But it’s a lost cause and we know it
Tree-loads of leaves are down

Seeds strewn around
Berries rotting on the ground
The sidewalks are all sticky
With odd fruit no one wants

It’s cold
Getting fat is making sense
Already, some of us have given in

Frost and cold fog
Chase away birds
You’re holding summer hostage
Isn’t that enough?

Not only that
When I walked out the door
You threw my hat in the dirt

And your killing spree
Goes on and on
I know for a fact
The doe on the highway
Was innocent

– text by Tullio DeSantis


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3 responses to “Fault for the Fall

  1. Marthe T. Fils

    “Fault for the Fall” is a poem expressing anger towards Fall. It is amazing how the poem expressed anger without using the word angry or saying “I’m mad.” The details used in the poem showed you the character was angry and that it missed Summer. It’s clear that Summer is the preferred season for the character in the poem. It described how Fall as a killer and kidnapper which killed the leaves on the trees and kidnapped summer. I love the way this poem was written.

  2. Katelyn Wallick

    This speaks to me when it comes to my feelings on the fall season. It is so hard to let go of those warm summer days. Nature IS cruel, instead of letting us ease into the cold weather and all that it entails, it just slaps us coldly in the face and tell us to “deal with it.”

  3. Ella Drumgold

    That is a great way to get mad about summer ending. In words of getting happy football is getting ready to start, the leaves are changing color and if you are walking before they fall the colors are beautiful if you are not looking down at the ground that is soon have snow.

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