Getting rough out here.

Getting rough out here.
The cicadas of late summer are silent.
Their crisp skins, strewn around
mixed with acorns
and lifeless leaves.

My path is crossed by doomed survivors
old bees getting a final buzz off of their chests
limping crickets fooled by mid-day sun
crazy drunken flies in kamikaze loops.

The praying mantis I spy
poised on a fire escape downtown
has no religion.
And the green katydid
flying toward me
with impossible wings
is unnerving

These squirrels are way ahead of me.
Summer was just a dream
and they knew it.

– text by Tullio DeSantis


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5 responses to “Getting rough out here.

  1. L.engle

    “Getting rough out here” is a poem I find to be very interesting. I never looked at fall the way it is described here. Fall, as described in this poem, is a time where many things die, which is true. Leaves, insects, and unfortunate animals all die as it gets colder. Many things also go dormant, waiting to be awakened when the warmth returns.

  2. Jayson Taylor

    The poem entitled “Getting rough out here,” incorporates the use of several literary devices in order to assist in the portrayal of the fall season as one of death and destruction, rather then a season of beauty and color. The overall tone of the poem could be described as slightly eerie or melancholic as we are provided with gloomy details such as, “lifeless leaves” and “doomed survivors.” The melancholic tone of the poem is essentially revealed through its imagery, specifically, lines 8 and 9 which provide vivid details such as, “limping crickets fooled by mid-day sun” and “crazy drunken flies in kamikaze loops.” Perhaps the most revealing detail of them all is given to us in lines 10-12, “The praying mantis I spy poised on a fire escape down town has no religion.” These lines ultimately reveal the feeling of hopelessness and the imminent, unavoidable ending nature and it’s wildlife are accustomed to enduring annually.

  3. Marthe T. Fils

    “Getting rough out here” is a great, very detailed, and very descriptive poem. As I was reading it, it’s like I was seeing the things being described in the poem. It’s like the things and characters came to life in my head. This poem reminds me of Fall and Summer judging by the description. I, myself write poems, and I know that it take great skills and effort to make your characters comes to life. The poem describes how things are lifeless during the Fall season and how they are waiting for the warmth of Summer to become vibrant and full of life again.

  4. Christa

    Beautifully written. I wonder if Californians and other warm-climated people are eternal dreamers in this sense. Even so, Pennsylvania summer dreams must be all the more vibrant for the frigid winters we survive.

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