Collaboration with Dee Shapiro

I have been working with Dee Shapiro and the good people from the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington, NY. We will be doing a November presentation related to our collaborative project. I’ll present via Skype – making the connection technologically. As the time approaches, look for additional status updates from us regarding our collaboration.


“Tullio’s Offering” – Dee Shapiro – 2014



“Electromagnetic Impulse” – Tullio – 2014


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6 responses to “Collaboration with Dee Shapiro

  1. Hi Tulio
    I haven’t visited for a while (since being in touch regarding Pery) but this work is just magical. I love it.


  2. Hi Rob. Good to hear from you. Glad you can feel it. I like Dee’s work very much. It helps me to access deeper experience from the cave of mysteries.

  3. Marthe T. Fils

    I really admire these two artworks. The colors really drew my attention and they are very abstract. They are one of a kind.

  4. Karrah

    It is crazy how I can get to see a different side of you through your artwork. There seems to be so much expression and yet, some hidden complications through your pieces. By that I mean your patterns are so intricate, it makes me wonder what your motivation to create them was. The colors, the waves, and the vibration this gives off almost makes it an illusion. I feel like when I stare at it long enough my eyes start to think there is slight movement.

  5. Bruce

    This piece is very cool in colors not warm like energy being made. The stippling is very uniform in details. The middle appears as melted metals like a volcano building up energy. The energy is traveling in veins of magnetic energy towards the surface. The surface could also be static electricity just waiting for you to touch it and blast you with snapping sounds.

  6. Tara Litwin

    I really enjoy both these pieces. The colors are wonderful and pulled my attention. I enjoy all the shapes put into the first piece. My eyes wondered over the entire piece trying to pick a spot to focus on. I love how you incorporated color and shape in this piece. The second piece is fascinating. I enjoy both of them. Great job!

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