Comes the Night



“Comes the Night” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Comes the Night

  1. king

    I think that “Comes the night” is the perfect name for this piece because there is a lot of contrast from light to dark. Also I like the fact that there is a lot of patterns in the picture so your not just focusing on one spot. – King F

  2. Aoran221

    I find this piece really interesting because of the way it keeps your eyes constantly moving. I feel as if I don’t ever look at the same spot twice. The colors compliment each other and keeps you focused on the different types of patterns that are present. I can tell that you have a unique art style and that it fits with what the title is trying to explain.

  3. Bobby

    “Comes the Night” really grabbed my attention right off the bat. I think this piece has such great balance. My eye is constantly moving left and right, up and down. It moves my eyes all over! Not only that but it almost seems that the image is actually moving itself. I try to focus in one place, but then i sense movement out of the corners of my eyes. Its almost magical. Over all this image reminds me of something I would find on an ancient temple wall in south America. Oddly enough my favorite part of this image is the bottom left corner. For some reason it really sticks out to me in a good way. It is so similar yet different in its own way. Very unique

  4. Erika

    I think this is a really neat looking piece. I’ve always been attracted to work done on black canvas and I’ve always had a fascination with heavily pattarned workks as I have such difficulty in both fields. That this piece has both is just double plus good so to speak.

    I really like the spackle technique- sorry I can never remember the technical terms- what I mean is the dotting technique? Coupled with the title, the night sky and constellations really come to mind the more I look at this piece and follow the dotted patterns with my eyes. It really makes me want to practice this technique more.

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