Infomental Highway

“Infomental Highway” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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6 responses to “Infomental Highway

  1. Ciao Tullio,
    wonderful creative expression at night in black and white.
    I saw a black owl with with eyes.
    Thank you

  2. Hello Carla, Always good seeing you. It is that time of year, especially here in the country.

  3. Christa

    This one seems to have a bit of a Mayan touch. It reminds me of ancestral knowledge/symbolism.

  4. Erika

    I find this piece really attractive to the eye. The forms in this piece are particularly interesting in your use of patterns and hard and soft edges. They remind me in a lot of ways of birds. To be frank when I was scrolling past I thought this was an abstract bird piece.

  5. Allison Oxenreider

    This piece makes me compare it to life. It’s almost as if there is a dead end every way you go so when you compare that to life would that mean every way you choose, you still don’t survive the end? I also feel that life is a highway and that’s the only real way to enjoy life. Life is so boring driving on a flat road even when you prefer life didn’t throw at you what it has in the past.

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