I Draw What I See

“I Draw What I See” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “I Draw What I See

  1. Courtney Reedy

    I am reviewing your piece called I Draw What I See. It is very cool and active. It seems like you have a fast, active mind and see the energy in objects. Or it could be a glimpse into your mind and how you visualize your mind. A person could look at it for hours and see new things. The piece keeps the eyes moving in different directions. It kind of reminds me of a city or even a maze. The dots create paths throughout the canvas and lead you through it. I also noticed how some dots are darker than others. I don’t know if that is supposed to mean anything but it gives me the impression that the areas that are lighter are supposed to indicate a more relaxed and softer emotion. The dots that are darker would then indicate intense and energetic emotions. There are also areas that have more activity than others. For instance, the dots are placed closer together in certain spots and further away in others. I thought this piece was cool because I think it resembles a mind and I can relate to it. My mind is always active and thinking. It is frustrating and overwhelming at times but other times it can be good and relaxing.

  2. Allison Oxenreider

    This piece makes me wonder what goes on everyday in someone’s mind. Everyone has several things going on at once and sometimes the amount that’s going on can be too much for the eye to take in at once. In this case, I think that is what’s going on in this composition but it makes it pop.

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