Podcasts, Collaboration, Reflection.

In addition to being a space for making statements, a podcast is a good place for music and sound, multimedia text and video.

Two years ago. I was recording text and audio, music and sound and sending them to Pery Burge, who combined, synchronized, and added them to her multicolor 3-dimensional video imagery of liquids in motion. She was working in the Thermofluids Lab of the University of Exeter, UK. The creative exchange between us was such that in a few months, we had a cool selection of videos that were being introduced in film festivals in the UK and here in the states.

It was the fall of 2012. I had sent Pery five new tracks and she was working on adding visuals to them. We completed another project that involved adding text to a few of the videos. By year’s end, I was waiting to hear from her on the new pieces. Instead, in February, I heard from her partner that she had taken ill and in a matter of months, had died.

Since then, when talking of Pery, I repeat the phrase, “She brought the music out of me”. I was so grateful for that. Each soundtrack and video was very different from ones that came before. Losing Pery meant losing that creative collaboration. Sometimes it made me feel sad but most of the time I felt good about the work we had done. I posted, to iTunes, my audio tracks that she was working on at the time of her death. They were to be a part of the new project. After that, I stopped writing and recording music and sound. I also stopped updating ARTologyPod.

Recently though, I have been writing poems and recording sound and music again. And so there’s a reason to do podcasts. I like the format and the freedom and I’m curious about what new things will happen there as a result of its presence in that space. As a stepping off point for multimedia collaboration, it works.

Most of the videos we did are here:https://www.youtube.com/user/TullioDeSantis/videos

Here is one of those multimedia collaborations between Pery and me that started out as a minimal podcast.


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3 responses to “Podcasts, Collaboration, Reflection.

  1. Zoe

    I really enjoyed watching this podcast. The movement of the colors, and the way the music fit in was perfect. This is such a creative piece that made me think of very many different things. In the beginning all of the colors had started to move together and become one. Which happens the whole collaboration. At one point it looks like a planet rolling around the screen and changing into something else. Each piece of art that comes across the screen is almost telling a different story. There are many different times when watching this that I had almost felt like I was in space looking at the world of planets beneath me taking notice of all of their different characteristics. The music that is playing in the background also helps me feel almost as if I am in the screen floating around and watching everything from a different point of view. At one point I feel like I am floating in the ocean watching sea life and looking at what is going on. The amazing movement of colors across the screen keep me so interested. There is another part in the collaboration where I notice the colors look as if they are melting. The blue and the white start dripping across the screen and moving slowly as if it is ice melting into the ocean. Each piece that floats across the screen makes me think of a different object. I go from looking at planets, to lava floating around, melting snow, and a leaf floating across the screen. This piece of work made me look deeper into different scenarios.

  2. sounsworks

    What an amazing wrap-around installation this would be!!!

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