#Tullio – ARTologyPOD

‪#‎Tullio‬” – Tullio – 2014 – podcast – text and audio by Tullio DeSantis

I’m revivifying my ARTologyPOD podcasts after a hiatus.
Starting off with an audio sketch toward a self-portrait, in process.
You can load it into iTunes, subscribe to the podcasts, and so on…

ARTologyPOD Podcasts


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2 responses to “#Tullio – ARTologyPOD

  1. NIcole


    I enjoyed this video that displays an interpretation of the cosmic world. After watching this video several times, I noticed something new each time that caught my eye and made me feel a different way. The imagery and colors are phenomenal and the music is very fitting to the title of the video. During the video I felt a sense of movement throughout space and time. It seems as though many of the images could be more than one element depending on the way it is perceived. Sometimes I felt as though I was floating through smoky air/ gas looking at another planet from afar. Other times I felt as though I was on a new planet swimming through water or a liquid surface. I found the video to be very relaxing and the combination of the art and music in this collaboration opened my imagination and took me on a journey. In some parts when the images are spinning it has a trance like effect that captivated my attention to continue watching the video til the end to see what was going to happen next. Later on in the video there are images that look like sand being blown by the wind and then it transitions to new scenery. A story is being told through transitioning and morphing of images. One of my favorite parts of the video is toward the end of the video that begins around 10:07. When the video is paused around 10:10 the white part of the image looks like a fossil of some sort.

  2. Thanks for the cogent and thoughtful comments, Nicole. Your presence and positive energy is appreciated.

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