The Climax of Creation


The Climax of Creation – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “The Climax of Creation

  1. Michelle Vargas

    Climax of creation is a brilliant feminist piece that showcases the idea that women are not only sexual being but also creators. They bring to life humans, ideas and much more. This is shown with the use of bright colored dots that form into a vulva. The array of bright colors show the complexity and beauty of women and that there can be joy founded in different kind of climaxes in addition to a sexual one. Woman can experience a “climax” or a sense of accomplishment in creating art, moving up in her career among many more things.

  2. Darien S. Haynes

    I love the fact that you called this the “climax of evolution”. The center of this art piece, in my opinion, shows the creative image of a woman’s vagina. I think that woman are the cause of us as people evolving as generations go by and it shows the woman is the cause of evolution and not man, like we all think. It brings to light the feminist thinking everyone has when thinking of men and women. I actually like this piece of art and the perspective you have in this. The title was amazing as well.

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