Origin of Life

Origin of Life – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Origin of Life

  1. Andrew C

    While scrolling through the blog posts and images, this one struck me. It was the translucent green shell surrounding the circle in the center that grabbed my attention. Then the title, “Origin of Life.” Are you referring to the atom? The cell? Maybe the big bang and the beginning of the universe? In the end, it doesn’t really matter, they all symbolize an origin, just at a different level.

    For me, the composition almost felt like a single cell floating in the vastness of space. There are more dots, there is more “life” in inside the circle. But outside, still, there are traces of activity, the dots are less dense but it’s not an empty void. And again, that information fits for the cell, the atom, and the universe as a whole.

    It’s the green though, that caught my attention. The color green is the color of growth, fertility, and life. The green doesn’t overpower the circle, nor does it cover it. It feels as if it’s softly cradling it. It feels safe.

    The “Origin of Life” truly feels like the origin of life, from whatever way you choose to look at it.

  2. Rachel

    The Origin of Life got my attention. It’s made of different colors then most of the art work. I like how the background color is. The blueish greenish outer circle background. And the lime green color in the middle of the image that looks like a zig zag. Most of the images the dots are different colors but in this one the background is in different colors which is a nice interesting change. It brings a new dynamic to the image.

  3. Haven

    Because of the name of the piece, I think of the circle as an egg or an ovum. What really interested me about this piece was the colors behind all the white dots, like the blues, greens, and reds in the background along with the black. I wonder how those colors were blended into the background. Like if they were spray painted on, or hand painted, or digitally added. I’m sure if I knew what medium this was made with, I would have an answer to that question. I also appreciate how long it must take to put in all of those white dots one by one. It must take a long time and lots of patience. I also wonder if you plan where each individual dot goes or if you just place them as you go. One thing I don’t like is the intensity of the cyan on the outer edges. It just hurts my eyes when I look at it on my monitor. It also is a bit distracting compared to the more dull colors towards the middle. Personally, I don’t enjoy such abstract and non-representational art, only because I like to see something that looks like it is from reality. The chaos of the dots and not knowing if they are meant to symbolize or be anything makes me feel uncomfortable while looking

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