Waves in Wetware

Waves in Wetware – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “Waves in Wetware

  1. Sherry Metzinger

    Waves in Wetware is an interesting piece to look at. The bright color arrangement goes together nicely. I especially like the dark blue, light blue, yellow, and fuchsia combination. At first glance, I see the large circle, which draws the eye in towards the middle to the mostly blue area. Possibly all the waves are coming in towards the center? The center is interesting to look at, almost like cloud watching, as you look at it you can see many shapes and designs. This piece with all its bright colors and detail is bound to put you in a cheerful mood!

  2. Darlene

    A Wave in Wetware gives has a warm and cool color combination, makes me think of spring and summer. The piece moves my eyes toward the center like a whirl pool. The bright colors give an overall cheerful feeling to the piece.

  3. Alexa Liss

    While the colors in Waves in Wetware may be a bit bright and jarring, they all seem to come together to create a cheerful mood. The points on the outside of the circle all form lines that lead the viewer’s eye towards the center of the circle, which I think is a good decision as far as the composition of the piece goes. I also like how the points become more concentrated towards the center, giving the sphere a sense of radiation.

  4. Lauren C

    This particular piece stood out to me because at first glance I seen so many images within this single one and was astounded. It looks like it should be a tapestry hanging on the wall in my game room. When I look at this work I see flowers, an elephant, a fox, a dragon, and the face of Lucifer all somehow smack dab right in the middle.

  5. Michelle Guzman

    I like the way the yellow pops among the red, purple & pink. It can get hypnotizing if you stare at too long, especially in the center of the circle.

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