Collaboration Piece

Dee Shapiro‘s new collaborative collage piece includes my work and the work of eight other artists, including Dee herself, orchestrated into a single artwork.
This is the list of artists: With collaborators: Brigitte Pellat, Assunta Sera, Audrey Stone, Doug Holst,Louise P. Sloane, Richard Kallweit, Tullio DeSantis, Miriam Brumer,Peter Reginato, Colleen M Powell, Karen Shaw, Andy Mister.


Collaboration Piece – Dee Shapiro, et. al. – 2014


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4 responses to “Collaboration Piece

  1. Darlene

    I like how visually interesting this collage is, by using asymmetric balance the pieces pulls your focus all around the composition. It also has some diagonal lines, which adds a pull/push feeling to the piece.

  2. Tara

    I find this piece very interesting and neat. The fact that Shapiro pulled your art and eight other artist’s pieces for one whole piece is interesting to me. This piece is very nice and pulls your eyes to every place on the piece because of all of the things happening in the artwork.

  3. Gabby

    I like this piece because it shows many shapes and textures. Its also very creative and you can tell every detail was added from different places. I also noticed that the color is consistent, and they blend well together.


    While this piece does maintain its collage feel, it’s impressive how unified it appears when in reality it is compiled from the work of eight different artists, each with their own styles. There is also nice color balance throughout the piece, with good usage of bold, complementary colors.

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