Singulariton A


Singulariton A – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)

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One response to “Singulariton A

  1. Mark Cheeseman

    I like that a lot of your pieces seem to have a science background to them. Science has always been one of my favorite subjects in and out of school. This one caught my eye at first because of the title. I assume it has to do with a physics related singularity, like a black hole. But it’s named and looks more like a star, perhaps one collapsing into a black hole? I like the coloring and its sister picture Singulariton B. I also like how even simple dots placed in the right places can make the orb in the center look three dimensional. I like the way the yellow dots make up a runic kind of look. I don’t really understand the middle ring too much.

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