City of Neurons


“City of Neurons” – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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6 responses to “City of Neurons

  1. Merilyn Nunez

    This art piece reminds me of my psychology class because we are learning about neurons and its crazy how anything can be somehow related to art. When I look at this piece it reminds me that that’s what our activity in our brain must be and it’s something that people take for granted. Now going back to the painting I love the choices of color because each individual color complements each other so well that it makes the art piece so much better as a whole.

  2. Logan Pettinato

    I really liked this art piece that you have posted. I think that the title of the drawing is perfect to what it represents. Neurons are in the brain, and there are so many of them and they process and store all of the information we learn over time. The way that this artwork blends together with all of the different colors, and shapes makes this look like a city. You made it look like their is a wall, this boundary makes me interpret that inside of there is a city.

  3. Darlene

    Before even realizing the title of this piece, I felt the sense of a science background in it. I love how many individual points are used to create the composition.

  4. Rachel

    I liked the many different colors in this image and that it makes like a frame type shape. I think it does look like a city of neurons in the human body. One of my favorite subjects in school was Science. So I could also relate to this image. I think it’s pretty amazing that a bunch of small dots can create a image. It just like how the tv and the computer works. A bunch of small colored pixels to make one image.

  5. Mark Cheeseman

    This one caught my eye because of the title again. I like how all the lines dots form connections just like neurons do. It looks very chaotic with all of them chaining together and branching out all over the place, but that only makes it make more sense.

  6. Gabby

    The title really makes the piece come alive. It really does seem like a bunch of neurons. The colors and lines also contribute to making the picture more realistic.

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