Voyager – Tullio – 2015
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3 responses to “Voyager

  1. Sherry Metzinger

    The Voyager is my favorite piece so far. At first glance, I see a light bulb, however, and I then wonder if it could be a way of representing more, perhaps the voyage of a disguised sperm. All the different shapes and designs in the background to me symbolize all the trials and tribulations we go through in life. The portion of the oval (bulb area) that has a print to it, however, looks to be very uniform with its shapes. This to me symbolizes that as starting life as a sperm and during the time up until birth we only know one thing, which is being inside the womb, no life experiences. The womb is being represented by the solid white area that protects us until birth. Up until this point, we have not experienced anything in life yet. With the voyager being in the middle of the page, it expresses that we are small in comparison to the world around us and that we have many things to experience in life. The Voyager is making their way through life, at this point with no distinct destination. Great piece!

  2. Mark Cheeseman

    This one caught my attentions mainly because it’s the first one down the list I could at least somewhat understand. I read the title “Voyager” but didn’t expect to see a sperm, but now that I think about it they’re pretty much the ultimate voyager. They race against millions of their siblings to be the first to reach the egg and survive. A voyage where an average of 99.9999999% of sperm fail. Very nice piece.

  3. Tara Litwin

    The Voyager is quite an interesting piece. I saw the photo before the title and was perplexed on why I was seeing sperm on a piece. I read the title and I was amazed. I think that this is a perfect representation of the gift of life. For sperm, it is indeed a voyage to be the first one to get to the egg. The art around it make it as if they’re also sperm and they’re on a race to be the one to give the joy of life. I enjoy this piece because it represents the true voyage of life and how it begins. Great piece.

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