Unconscious Urges in Space



Unconscious Urges in Space – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Unconscious Urges in Space

  1. Logan Pettinato

    When looking at this picture I think of stars, and the mysteries of outer space. When i look at this image I automatically start to see, and make shapes with all of the red dots in the picture. They are kind of like stars, at night I can look up at the sky and do the same thing that I am doing with this picture. I can connect the stars to make shapes, and that is why I thought that this picture reminded me of Outer Space. Because I can connect this art piece to real life, and that’s why I like art. It doesn’t matter what you draw or try to depict, sometimes it doesn’t even matter what it looks like because all art pieces tell a story to an open mind.

  2. jasmin

    Unconscious Urges in Space
    I think this art piece is very abstract, and the intricate details seems to draw me in. It has a lot of hidden images, in a sort of tribal style. The art style makes me particularly think of Keith Haring, and his tendency to full the entire area without much canvas space left, except his art usually shows exactly what he intends to draw. I can see a few creatures and unique designs within the larger image, like how a child sees images in a cloud. The spikes on top of the art piece reminds me of torches, and the bottom reminds me of waves. Some parts look like they could be plants, flowers, and clouds. It makes me wonder what was in the mind of the artist as it was being made. The closer I get to see the details, the more it doesn’t look like anything. I look at it further away, and squint my eyes, it looks like a collage of different pictures all at once. As I look at the whole picture together, it looks a little bit like an intricate Persian rug. The dots are formed in a way to form many lines. When the dots are closer together, that area becomes brighter, similar to how an aerial view of a city looks like at night. I find it interesting how each area of the photo looks completely different. Each section tells a story and it is up to the viewer to imagine what that story is saying.

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