Eight Brains One Mind


Eight Brains One Mind – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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6 responses to “Eight Brains One Mind

  1. Merilyn Nunez

    When I looked at this peace it reminds me of pointillism because when you zoom in all you see are dots. I like the unity that it represents because to me that the one thing I think that the world is missing.

  2. Brittany Setley

    When I look at this picture, it reminds me of someone with multiple personalities and how they have many different “people” inside their brain. I like how each “brain” in the picture is different, but each has similar shapes in it.

  3. Jami

    This is a great example of how someone (I) may feel within a day’s time … in the morning I use my student brain. In the afternoon, I use my teacher brain. Paying bills and being responsible, I use my adult brain. Relaxing and enjoying “playtime” I use my child brain… etc. Everything throughout the day requires a different way of thinking and mindset.

  4. Cody Hudzik

    The freeness of this piece lets the imagination do most of the work. The separate entities stretching from the center seem to be as humans with their arms reaching out. I can even imagine faces on what would be their heads. Piece does have a good sense of unity and balance while keeping the eye on the move.

  5. alexaliss96@gmail.com

    I enjoy how the composition of the piece ties in with the meaning of unity it conveys. Circles to me have always seemed to give a sense of belonging and togetherness, so arranging the eight brains into a circle and having them connected by another aids to conveying the meaning “Eight Brains, one Mind”.

  6. Dennys

    I enjoy how this piece represents unity in the world. I can see eight figures connected around this planet, with each of them representing different cultures. It gives the image a sense of peace and belonging.

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