Particle of Compassionate Intelligence


Particle of Compassionate Intelligence – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Particle of Compassionate Intelligence

  1. Ncruz

    I love the vibrant colors on this one. The colors make the radial design pop while making it look like energy is flowing out.

  2. Brittany Setley

    I like that the purple pops off the picture. I also like how the colors go well with each other. This picture reminds me of a stained glass window and the bright colors that go with stained glass.

  3. Kevin Mendoza

    this piece brings many questions to my mind, like what makes it a particle from a compassionate intelligence? it looks pretty dark and the last thing that came to my mind when i saw this piece was the word compassionate, but i love how the colors complement one another.

  4. Angelina

    I love the colors and the dark background. I really like jellyfishes and immediately I was able to identify with one here. I can picture seeing the jellyfish slowly swimming along the dark sea with its vibrant colors showing off. It gives me a pleasurable feeling because looking at how graceful and pretty jellyfishes are have always made me calm and appreciative. I think that can also tie in with compassion because it’s my perspective on such simple things that keeps me aware and caring. I appreciate any kind of beauty and I try to see things in ways that can widen my perspective. This is a very awesome piece!

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