Twenty-One Mental States


Twenty-One Mental States – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Twenty-One Mental States


    I think this piece is really interesting because once the viewer connects the piece with the title, the viewer can imagine which state of mind each section might represent. I tend to like pieces that are more open to interpretations, and after all, only you as the artist know what each means to you.

  2. Jamie Leier

    Upon first glance, this piece actually looks like it may belong in a medical journal or anatomy book. Some different parts remind me of figures I could see in my Gray’s Anatomy book. Each individual mental state kind of looks like something different. One makes me think of a tree. One almost reminds me of coral under the sea. Another looks to be two figures dancing. Then there is one figure on the bottom row that looks like two things to me. At first it looked like a tower giving off a signal. And then, as my eyes moved back to it again a few times, it looked almost like those paintings of saints where their halo, instead of coming out over their head, was placed behind them flat. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, to have the different mental states look like physical things, but this is how I see them. Our minds tend to automatically try and make sense of things and make patterns in whatever it is we see, and maybe it says something more about my own mental state/mind when I see certain things in this piece than it necessarily does about the piece itself. Whether it is art or an array of people in a swimming pool, we see patterns in everything, even if they aren’t meant to be there. But as I said, the patterns I see may not be intentional. Rorschach tests are a good example of our minds making patterns in images.

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